AeroTech Development is an in January 2010 founded high-tech University of Twente spin-off company, which specializes in the development and valorization of nanocomposite polymers with a tunable porosity and pore sizes at the micrometer and nanometer lengthscale through utilization of state of the art polymer engineering and nano-technology. The developed porous nanocomposite materials have a great potential for utilization in a wide varity of applications encountered in every day life.


In addition, we offer our expertise in 2D/3D surface modification reactions, surface characterization and thermal analysis of polymers to customers with specific needs in those areas. For more information you can contact us by email info@atdnano.com


July 10th 2012. EFRO GO subsidy granted.

The aim of the granted 'Nanotech Isolatie' project is the development of an affordable, highly efficient thermal insulation material for the building sector. Due to utilization of our expertise in the field of nanotechnology and polymer engineering as well as our collaboration with several partners from the industry and universities this innovation is within reach and expected to be cheaper than current state of the art materials.








 April 18th 2012. IPC Biotechnology & Medical Engineering subsidy granted

Together with her partners AeroTech Development will investigate and where necessary improve the biocompatibility of silicium based medical devices. Aerotech Developments' expertise in surface modification and characterization is of added value to the partners in this medical cluster.





Nanocomposite polymers with a tunable porosity and pore sizes at the micrometer and nanometer lengthscale.

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